You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing.

Gelato is part of the everyday life in Italy. Enjoy an ice cream while walking through the streets of beautiful Rome.

When I moved to Rome, I tried so many ice cream in so many places. I wanted to find ice cream with nutella and other different flavors but I wasn’t very lucky because I tasted all horrible ones. 🙂

Those years, I wasn’t using internet to search  places to eat. I wanted to find personally but I couldn’t be succesful. When my mother visited me, she discovered really amazing ice cream parlours in Rome.

After six years living in Rome, I discovered delicious ice creams with my mother. There are many ice creams parlors opened and closed. I would like to share currently active ice cream parlours.

 Here are my favorite ic cream parlours.


It is a traditional Italian gelateria which is based in Turin, Italy. Grom was established in 2003 and established branches in several Italian cities and countries including France, United States.

They use high quality of ingredients. They are one of the best ice crean parlour in Italy.

Address: Via della Maddalena 30A, Rome

Piazza Navona 1, angolo via Agonale 3-3A, Rome

Verde Pistacchio

The modern interior makes you visit this quite ice parlour. A pastel mint green Volkswagen in one side of the room. The ingredients are in high quality.

Verde pistacchio is not only serve ice cream but also serves crepes, cookies and smoothies.

Address: Via Nazionale, 239 Rome

La Romana

It is a family run which is established in 1947 by the Zucchi family in Rimini. They have several locations in several cities.

There are many favors such as pistachio, panna cotta and cream.

Address: Via Ostiense, 48 Rome

Giolitti Gelateria

Bernadina and Giuseppe Giolitti opened a creamery where they sold milk from their own pastures in Rome. Soon they started to supply the Italian royal family. Years later they began to sell the gelato. There are so many different delicious favors to try.

Address: Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40 Rome

Gelateria del Teatro

It is near to Piazza Navona which offers 40 different flavours. There are intense chocolates and unusual combos to try.  They use organic local ingredients.

Address: Via dei Coronari, 80

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