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My favorite two things about historical tv shows are costumes and learning new things. While tv shows are a form of entertainment, there is usually more to take away from them.

Some are an adaptation of real life events some of them provide an information of what history was like during the time they were set.  They give an idea of what was their life style and what was worn during those periods.

Especially if you love fashion, historical tv shows are a great inspiration and a source to learn more thins about fashion.

In today’s post I would like to share my favorite historical tv shows.

  • Downtown Abbey

I was watching this tv series every morning during my university time. I was grabbing my breakfast and watching this lovely tv show. According to resources, some of the costumes worn in the tv show are actual articles of clothes from the 1910s.

  • The Crown

This tv show from Netflix which follows the like of Queen Elizabeth II and features historical costumes.

  • Bridgerton

I think my favorite historical tv show costume list can’t be completed without popular tv series from Netlix, Bridgerton. I read all book series of Bridgerton a few years ago.

Lavish costumes, romance and lush sets make this tv show amazing.

  • Reign

The tv shows is based on the life of Mary Stuard Queen of Scotland. Costumes would have been an important of the tv show. We have seen amazing costumes during all four seasons.

  • Magnificent Century

This is a Turkish historical fiction tv series which is based on the life of Ottoman Sultan Süleyman and his wife Hürrem Sultan. Costumes are great represent of Ottoman fashion. Colors, models and fabrics are just amazing.

  • The Borgias

Many of The Borgias costumes were made by historical tailoring Tirelli which made others the costumes of the movies such as Visconti and Marie Antoinette ( which the costume designer Gabriella Pandey won the Oscar).

Colorful dresses, luxurious jewels and intricate hair certainly played fundamental role in the tv series.

  • The Tudors

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn interpreted by Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer.

Although life of the Henry VIII was the protagonist, one cannot avoid mentioning  the costumes which was a great represent of fashion of the time.

What is your favorite historical tv show? Let me know below

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