Hello Angels,

These amazing tv shows will make you study fashion design.

Fashion is a way of communication without words. Fashion is passion for me and since I was a kid, I was always observing outfits from the tv shows. Especially historical tv shows are a great source of inspiration to create new collections.

If you love fashion, these series are going to inspire to amazing clothing and styling choices. Grab a popcorn, put on good tv series where the fashion outshines and get lost in the sparkly word of fashion.

  • Sex and the City

I am sure that you had to know this was going to be my list. Sex and the City is timeless tv show. If you haven’t watched this already, I highly remmend yo to watch. Watch every single episode of this tv show and see how amazing their clothes and styling are.

  • Dynasty

Liz Gillies’ Fallon Carrington is amazing. . She is a style icon and business woman. She puts anything off including casual or business chic in a stylish way.

  • Lipstick Jungle

It is created by the same woman who responsible for Sex and the City. There are three women in the series and it is amazing to watch to their outfit choices.

  • Gossip Girl

Gossip girl is timeless like Sex and the City. Every twenty and thirty something should watch because of the wardrobes. It is a wonderful way to relax and  take your mind off anything else.

  • Emily in Paris

It is an lovely tv series that you don’t want to end. Lily Collins’ character Emily moves to Paris for work. If you love Paris and fashion, this series is amazing to watch.

  • Revenge

I watched this show after its final. It was my favorite tv show during my university time. One of my favorite thing was eating breakfast while watching Revenge tv show. It is a wonderful mix of fashion and drama.

  • The Carrie Diaries

The tv show was about Carrie Bradshaw’s  younger years. The writer of Sex and The City created a book about younger years of Carrie. Fashion is epic in the show but unfortunately it cancelled after first season.

  • Friends

It is a great mix of comedy and fashion. No fashionable tv show list complete without Jennifer Aniston’s iconic character Rachel Green. Her dresses, preppy skirts, mom jeans and more became of Tv’s most fashionable stars.

What is your favorite tv show to watch for fashion? Let me know below

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