Hello Angels,

Summer nights are not completed without drinks. I never loved alcohol but I love non alcoholic cocktails, lemonades, etc.

Until a few years ago, sometimes I was ordering champagne or wine but I wasn’t drinking even the first glass.

Italian wines are very popular and people I know always say that how lucky you are. You can drink delicious Italian wine any time you want.

A few times I bought wine to have a wine and cheese night but I couldn’t drink it. I threw up away :D.

Hot weather, long nights – we all need a relax with our loved ones after Covid-19.

From tropical mixed cocktails to frozen drinks and lemonades, there is something for everyone. In today’s post, I would like to share the best summer cocktail recipes.

There are some cocktails with alcohol. I don’t prefer cocktail with alcohol but I shared some recipes for you. The cocktail with alcohol ones are my friend’s favorite recipes. Celebrate the season with these delicious cocktails.

Do you prefer alcholic or non alcholic cocktail? What is your cocktail recipe? Let me know below

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