Hello Angels,

I live in Italy for almost nine years and today I would like to write about the best things about living in Rome.

A Mediterranean climate, fresh foods, delicious cuisine  and full of culture that surrounds you in Rome.

  • Food

Italy is full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Italy is some of the best food in the world. I love food so much and when I go out, I can easily find delicious food. I also love to cook at home and I can find fresh and delicious ingredients easily.

  • Climate

I am from Turkey and Italy’s climate is very similar , Mediterrenean climate. Summers are sunny and very hot, winters are mild, sometimes rainy.

  • Sport

There are so many amazing foods in Italy and sometimes it is difficult to resist. One of the best thing about living in city center of Rome is walking. You can literally walk anywhere.

As you know walking is one of the best exercises so you can eat anything you wany without consider the gain weight.

 I love walking and shopping so much so I can walk for hours without feeling tired.

You can go to parks other than the gym. There are so many lovely parks such as Villa Borghese and Villa Pamphili.

When gyms are suspended because of the Covid – 19, I had opportunity to walk in parks and discover place such as stores, bakeries and cafes.

  • Culture

Rome is like an open art exhibition. Every corner of the street has historical attraction. I am happy to be surrounded by an incredibly rich historical beauty.

  • Social Life

People are really sociable in Italy. You can always see people on very late dinner or stroll down the streets.

Late night dinners, late night gelatos and late night go outs are one of my favorite things to do in Rome.

  • Travel

You can travel easily by high speed trains. You can plan day trips, Such as; Rome – Napoli or Rome- Florence.

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