Hello Angels,

As I have said before, I usually prefer dress. I love to achieve stylish look without an effort. My closet is mosty made of dresses ( from velvet ones to knit ones)

Sometimes wearing layers and clothes in heavy fabrics such as knit can be uninspired. You can look the world of celebrities style and Instagram style to inspiration. What to expect this year? Vibrant colors, prints and basic timeless silhouettes which are easy to style them.

In today’s post I would like to share the best winter dresses and style tips from my online store. There are amazing outfits for work, meeting with friends and date night.

Aphrodite One Sided Frill Dress + Leather Jacket + Brown boots

This dress has two colors, lavender and red. Lavender one is best seller for years and I restock every year due to request.

Juliet Dress + Coat + Ankle Boots

Grey Dream Dress + Leggings in Neutral Color + Ankle Boots

Grey Dream

Madamoisselle Pearl Dress + Coat + High Heels

Pearl Dress 3

Sweat Dream + Sneakers + Sunglasses


Venice Pearl Detail Dress + Coat + High Heels

Wintertime Romance Dress + Coat + High Heels

Wine And Roses Velvet Dress & High Heels

New York Knit Dress + Coat + Thigh High Boots

New York Knit Dress

Lisbon Knit Dress + Sunglasses+ Boots

Lisbon Knit Dress

Josephina Dress + Ankle Boots

Abito Josephina

Eva Dress + Coat + High Heels


Bordeaux Knitted Dress + High Heels

Bordeaux Dress

Rainbow Dress + Coat + Boots

Colorful Dress

This dress is for special occasions. It is a best seller in my store right now that’s why I would like to share with you

What is your favorite dress from my online store? How would you style it? Let me know below

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