Do you ever walk in seaside, breathe in and remember your travel in summer time?

Take in scent of a cookies and get taken back to days at home when the smell of your mother’s home baked cookies filled the air?

No matter what the scent or fragrance is and memort are linked. Some odours can be a strong reminder of past.

This part of brain is connected to the hippcampus and amygdala regions that handle emotion and memories. That’s why we link certain scents with past memories.

History Of Perfume

The particular perfumes we smell is unconsciously and instantly connect with memories which can evoke feelings and bring back memories that we forgot.

The perfume dates back 3.000 BC. Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians were making perfumes.

The Ancient Egyptians were huge fans of perfume who used for ceremonial. The perfume was thought to be the sweat of the sun god Ra. Even Egyptian mythology had a god of perfume Nefertem. He has shown young man with a water lily flower on his head.

Archaeologists also found Egyptian recipes and for perfume making. In ancient times, perfume was based in scented oil. Now it based on alcohol.

Egyptians important large amounts of perfume ingredients from Punt, a region of Africa.

In Ancient Persia, rich Persians were also huge fan of perfume. It was very common for kings to be pictured with perfume bottles in Persian art.

The Persians were the one who dominated the perfume trade for hundreds of years also they invented the distillation process which led to the discovery of alcohol based.

Thanks to Ancient Romans and Greek perfume recipes survived and recreate perfumes in modern era.

Recently archaeologists uncovered a perfume factory from 2.000 BC, in Cyprus – the mythological home of Aphrodite who is goddess of love. The factory seems to have specialized in the production scents such as lurel, lavender, coriander.

According to legend, Cleopatra was slicked her boat with fragrant oils before setting out to sea that Mark Antony would catch scent of her before arrival.

Romans were using at least 2800 tons of perfume a year Perfumes were using in public baths and beauty products.

Perfume arrived to Europe in 14th century due Arabic influences.

The Italians discovred how to create aqua mirabilis (clear substance made of 95 percent alcohol and imbued with scent) After this invention Venice became the center of the perfume trade for hundred years.

Catherine de Medici is the one who brought Italian perfume to France. Her perfume made up for her by Italian personal perfumer Rene le Florentin. He created a scented water with orange blossom and bergamot.

Also France became European center of cosmetic and perfume manufacture. They started to cultivate flowers for perfume essence which began in the 14th century.

In 18th century, in south of France, especially in Grasse aromatic plants were being grown. Even today Grasse is considered the world capital of perfume. Chanel and Dior grow jasmine and May roses in flower fields in Grasse