There is a reason why the tulle skirts became a timeless piece wardrobe piece.

There are a few wardrobe pieces which are idealized as romantic or feminine. One of them is tulle skirt which is often associated with ballerina costumes and bridal wear. The transparent lightweight, fine netting fabric became a symbol of womanhood: pure, romantic and sexy.

The tulle skirt was first worn in 1832 by Marie Taglioni. The Swedish ballerine wore a gauzy white tulle skirt at the Paris Opera. It is designed by Eugene Lami in La Sylphide.

Fashion designers Christian Lacroix, Isaac Mizrahi and Cecil Beaton all designed tulle outfits.

Historians believe that at first tulle was wowen by hand using  methods around the 1700’s. Modern day tulle which also knwon as bobbinet was first poduced after a weaving machine around the 1800’s.

Before the weaving machine, tulle fabric was very expensive and luxurious textile made of silk. Tulle became available to the masses after the introduction of cheaper materials such as rayon, polyester and naylon.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, tulle became popular. It became of the most popular materials used for evening gowns. After mid century Grace Kelly wore a voluminous tulle skirt in her film ‘Rear Window’ in 1954.

Tulle Today

The fashion industry changed. The ballet costume became a timeless wardrobe piece after Carrie Bradshaw strolled down the streets of New York in her iconic white tulle skirt and tant top for the ‘ Sex and the City intro.

A few years later designers started to use tulle in more irreverent ways such as balled inspired look with sportswear qualities. For example tennis plater Serena Williams plated at the US Open in as tulle dress.

Tulle was also used in hats and bride’s head as veil. Today, tulle veils and bride’s gown have romantic meaning.

In past, beautiful tulle fabric was reserved for ballerinas, brides and wealthy customers. Today no longer strict codes that must be followed. You are free to wear tulle pieces without thinking. There is nothing wrong strolled down the streets in a frilly skirt.

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