Who doesn’t want a minimalist beauty routine with maximum impact?

We all want to see ourselves beautiful and look good  but let’s face it, sometimes we only want to spend the whole day watching series.

I have a good news. You can be lazy and glamorous at the same time. I am not talking about no makeup look. For example Dita Von Teese who is the ultra glamorous artist swears by wearing just red lipstick and sunglasses on her daily life.

I would like to share pros reveal how to simplify your beauty and makeup routine

Smokey Eye

If you have been lazy all day and suddenly you decided to go out, the first that will show you irresistible is smokey eye. Creating smokey eye seems problem but with the right steps you can create stunning look. The best thing about this you are free to make mistakes.

Unlike traditional smokey eye makeup, plop a cream and powder on your lids and blend it. You can apply the color to whatever height feels good for you but If you try to follow your natural crease line, It is better.

You can use any two colors you want. My favorite choice is traditional black and gray colors but brown and gold colors work perfect. Possibilites are endless but start with a darker base and a lighter highlight is better.


Brows are frame of the face that’s why It is important to look strong and shapely. If you want to more natural brows, you can use brow gel to add instant definition. I love to use Benefit Cosmetic’s gimme brow+voluminizing eyebrow gel which contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and creates natural looking fullness. 94% women said brows looked visibly thicker after one week and this is true.

Soft Skin

Every girl know the importance of soft skin. First you should wash your face with good cleanser – no need to use the most expensive one. Than apply moisturizer.

To give your skin major love, you should exfoliate it once or twice a week. Exfoliation makes your skin softer by removing dead skin cells and dirt. You can scrub your face with coffe grouns or a exfoliation product.

The most important thing is remove your makeup before bed.

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