Who says sheer tops better in the summertime?

Whether they are cropped, long or lace, they add an element of femininity to outfit. However, the word sheer alone can be intimidating.  The secret to pulling off a sheer top is to pair it with the right bra or bralette.

Long sleeved, lightweight and generally featuring a roll neck, this doesn’t mean you can’t pull off this trendy piece in cold winter time. When you make use of strategic layering, It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy.

Thanks to some of street style stars and celebrities, I have the perfect inspiration on how to style a sheer tops through the colder months.

For the cool girl winter outfit, try to sheer top with the camel coat- you can never go wrong with a camel coat. To complete the look, you can include a pair of straight leg jeans and ankle boots.

If you are going to a indoor like shopping center or restaurant, you can wear with a lace black bra which gives the perfect lingerie vibe.

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