Hello Angels,

Nowadays, the message is #STAYHOME

The coronavirus has forced many of us remain at home. Italy and many countries all around the world have announced drastic measures to help control coronavirus, including closing stores (except grocery stores and pharmacies), schools and ordering people to remain at home unless they need to leave the house to buy food or medicine. According to doctors, that is the only way to control the virus for now.

Remaining at home and reading horrible news make lockdown worse. So what to do keep ourselves positive during this quarantine?

Here are my a few suggestions of things to do.

Morning Routine

Remaining at home doesn’t mean be lazy. Set your goals for the day. Start your day with a lemon water than eat a real breakfast. No social media until breakfast. After do exercise. There are so many amazing exercise programmes to try. Youtube and Instagram are great sources to find exercise programs. I love to follow Blogilates’. She has motivating exercise programs, also gives amazing recipes like banana pancake. You can follow her from Instagram and Youtube.

Youtube: blogilates

Instagram: blogilates

Read a book

It is time to read the books that you never read or maybe re-read some of your favorite books. Most of us have a books we have been meaning to read, and there is no better time to read them now.

Learn something new

It could be new language, drawing or yoga. How? There are many resources on internet. There is an online course or tutorial for everything.

Declutter and donate

Staying at home gives us time to look around our things like clothes or books.

You can clean up some spaces and donate the things you can live without. There are many people who would be aprreciate to have them.

Home Spa

Just because spas are closed now doesn’t mean you can’t pumper yourself. Paint yor nails, do facial mask and scrub your body.


Now it the perfect time to try amazing recipes. If you are struggling to find the ingredients you would usually buy from the supermarket, why don’t you try recipes with the ingredients in the cupboard. You can invent something delicious.


You can find something to watch on Youtube. There are so many amazing content on youtube.

Watch a film or tv series

It is time to movie and tv series marathon time. Take some popcorn and watch the things you want to watch.

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