Hello Angels,

Morning routines are an important part of our day. Everyone has them. But instead of adding items to your morning in hopes of starting your day energetic, consider eliminate some of them from your routine.

The amazing morning routine should also include a not to do list. When you prepare a not to do list, you will see that there are a number of habits that can ruin your mood and drain your energy. When you eliminate these bad habits, you will feel better.

According to Jack Canfield ‘your habits will determine your future’. I think he is right because I made some changes to my daily morning routine and became more energetic and focused.

When you make some changes to your morning routine, it may feel strange first because you are changing the old habits, but soon the new habits will crowd out the old.

Not all of these morning habits are bad but some are just better saved for the afternoon or evening.

Things you should not do in the morning when you wake up

  • Checking the phone in bed

Most people pick the phone and check social media and rmal.  When you start your day looknig at your phone, you crave to check more and you lose time.

According to doctors when you are coming out of a relaxed sleep and when you fil lyour brain with to much pictures, gossips, etc, your body can become stressed. Ignore your phone until you eaten your breakfast.

  • Unhealthy breakfast

Breakfast is an essential for energetic day. When you eat something sugary, your blood sugar can crash and leave you feeling more hungry and tired. Instead, eat something nutrittious such as homemade, healthy banana bread or omelette with avocado and healthy bread. These delicious and healthy foods will give you energy to keep you focused and active.

  • Unplanned day

So you wake up but don’t know what to do?  You go about it at random. You do what your mind tells you such as watching tv.

When you don’t plan your morning, you can fail to use your mornings effectively. For example, I have a morning routine even on sundays. Routines makes me feel more energetic and motivated. Do something which helps you improve.

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