Hello Angels,

Every winter tights are becoming more sexy and fun. As you know me, I love to wear dress, shorts and skirt so much and I wear them even in winter time with tights.

We all know that black ones go with everything. It is chic, flattering, and slimming.Fashion experts always recommend that women should have something black in their wardrobes such as little black dress, black jeans, etc. Do black tights count as a black clothing item? Of course, yes. I personally believe that every women should have at least two pairs of tights and one should be in black the other one should be nude.

Recent years, tights are more creative and bold and find them in so many patterns, textures, colors and prints.

Tips and tricks of wearing tights

  • Use black tights to tone down a bold look

They are a perfect item for tone down a bold, bright outfits. Tights are not just limited to dresses, skirts and shorts. You can wear them with ripped pants.

  • Lurex tights for festive season

Lurex tights are popular in recent years because they are sparkly and perfect addition to winter wear (especially in party season). They will keep you warm and your legs will stand out stylish.

  • Polka dots tights

Polka dots are timeless and polka dot tights are versatile and they can go with almost anything from dresses to shorts and skirts.

  • Colored tights

From ready to wear to accessories, vibrant colors are very popular this winter. Colored tights are an amazing items to add color into your clothes.

  • Letter printed tights

I love this ones so much. In recent years, bloggers wore them a lot in different patterns. They also good great under long winter coats, shorts, skirts and dresses.

Do you love tights? What is your favorite tight brand? Let me know below

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