Hello Angels,

Every room in our home deserves a nice interior design but living room is the one which needs more attention. Because we spend hours day alone and with the people we love.

Since pandemic, many people started to spend more time at home and work from home. The researches about home decoration on internet is increasing day by day.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern, bold or relaxed style, living room should be represent your decoration taste and make you feel comfortable.

Even your living room is small, you can create useful and relaxing place. All you need to know tips and tricks. In today’s post, I would like to share some of them.

  • Multipurpose Living Room

I love my living room and I decorated for multipurpose. You can design your living room for many things such as for working, eating and relaxing.

  • Plants/ Flowers

You can fill any corner/ top of table with an oversized plants or flowers. It looks romantic and fresh.

  • Versatile Coffee Tables

Honestly, I don’t like many furniture in the living room. The living room should be easy to clean and organize. If you are like me, you can boost your living room’s functionality with a few furnutire. One of them is coffee tables. You can use them as a work surface, place books or decorate on top with flowers.

  • Bookshelves

If your home is too small for a library, you can create small library right in your living room. All you need to put functional bookshelves.

  • Comfy Sofa

Comfortable and beautiful sofa is an essential for living room.

  • Pillows

Pillows are one of the lovely accessories for home. You can decorae your sofa with lovely, colorful pillows.

  • Pick Practical Fabrics

Cleaning fabrics are difficult especially spill occurs. A fabric should be easily wiped clean and avoid stains.

  • Add a Color

Even if you prefer neutral color palette, add some bright colors. It creates relaxing and lovely atmosphere.

  • Sheer Fabric Curtains

Heavy fabric curtains don’t let light but sheer fabric curtains are easily let light in the early morning. They look lovely and airy.

What is your favorite tip for decorating a living room? Let me know it below

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