Hello Angels,

Your big day (wedding day) is coming. Pre wedding is stresful for brides but it should be a lot fun and excitement instead of hurry and stress.

Engagement is your first step to wedding. Take a breath and start to concentrate on your special day.

In today’s post I would like to share some tips for engagement photos

  • Picking photographer

One of the important things to do after you picked out the date and venue is to think about wedding photos.

Picking professional wedding photographer is very important and engagement photo shoot session give you a opportunity to work with your wedding photographer.

There are so many professional photographers with an amazing portfolio but their photo shoot may be disaster for you.

First, make research about theme of your engagement and wedding photo shoot. Later find some photographers and interview them. If you found two amazing photographers and can’t decide between them. I recommend you hire each of them for a short engagement session. This will give you opinion about their work ethic.

  • Location

Consider something inspires the two of you or meaningful to you as a couple. This can be place of your first date or get engaged.

  • Lifestyle

If you prefer something unique rather than posing for a camera, you can opt a lifestyle photo session. What do you like to do together? Playing sports together? You can have lovely pictures without having to pose for the camera while doing your favorite sport such as walking together.

  • Best time for photos

Most photographers prefer to take photos about 1-2 hours before sunset. Because the quality of light is really good.

  • Outfit

Wear something comfortable, stylish and appropriate for the photo venue.

  • Relax

It is your special day. You should be relax instead of stress. Go to hairdresser for a lovely hairstyle, makeup, wear your outfit and have fun during photo shoot.

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