Hello Angels,

Seasonal change can cause lose your motivation (especially after holidays). Setbacks are very normal. Don’t be hard on yourself at times like these.

Motivation yourself is one the essentials to achieve your goals and it is hard. So how can you keeping going even when you don’t feel like it?

Motivation is very personal. What gets me going might not to do anything for you. People who know me always say that I am energetic and motivated all year long. It is true because I love all seasons and every holiday, festival time.  When I am in holiday, I get inspired for my job and I start to work with huge motivation after a holiday or when the season change, I start to get inspired by the current season.

Everyone’s personality is different. Some people are morning person some people are not or some people prefer to concentrate on their daily task early in the morning and some of them prefer in the afternoon. There is no right or wrong about that.

Sometimes it is very normal to feel burnt out and exhausted. You are human. Don’t compare yourself with other people. Give yourself permission to relax and recover.

So how to refind motivation when you are burnt out or exhausted?

Here are the steps.

  • Love

I know this sounds cliche but love will lead you to refind motivation. Whether it is a passion or an actual personi you need to remember your ‘why’.

All you need to focus on your true love and getting back to being the person who shows up for a good cause.

Whenever you are feeling lost and depressed, remember your passion or the people you love and I assure that these will make you remember your purpose and find your motivation again.

  • Find the reason of your lack motivation

There is always something that has to be defeated in everyone’s journey when discovering to find motivation.

Find the reasons and get clear on what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

  • Remember that you are unique

Everyone’s personality and challenges are different. Don’t compare yoursef with others. Instead of focusing on what happened in the past or comparing yourself with others, focus on your goals and talents.

  • Habits

When I made a research about motivation of succespul people ( because they are also a human and they may lose their motivation time to time), I figured out that they stick to their habits, rituals.

If they do creative job like writer, they focus on writing every day. Succesful people focus on their mental and physical health and even they lose their motivation, they focus on their goals and restart again.

  • Review your goals when you lose your motivation

Sometimes we may try to achieve unrealistic goals for example doing perfect yoga in one week. Review your goal and see if they are realistic in the timeframe you have set. If they are not, break them into smaller goals.

  • Take motivation from others

Sometimes talking with the people you love make you realize reason of the lack motivation. They may get you inspired and motivate you to restart.

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