With spring in full swing, I feel like now is the best moment as ever to dive into the topic of how to wear a bralette. Bralettes are a must have fashion piece but figuring out how to wear them can be a tricky. Here are my favorite tips on how to wear a bralette.

With High Waisted Jeans

You can pair high waisted jeans with a bralette. Th best part is high waisted jeans are suitable for all body types. But still you are not comfortable, you can complete your look wih jacket or cape.

Over a Shirt

Why not try a bralette with a shirt? Wearing bralette over a shirt can create contemporary look that’s perfect for stylish women.

Modern and minimal bralette is better for this look.

Under a Sheer Shirt

Most of women are not comfortable with the idea of wearing sheer shirt. That’s why bralette became savior.

Other combinations require more simple bralette but this combination you can use a little creativiy. So don’t be afraid to add a little bit pattern. For example sheer shirt with embroidery make an excellent option for wearing over a bralette.

Under a Lace Top

Lace tops create stunning look but their material often make them difficult to wear. Luckily, this season we can solve this problem with the bralette. Bralette is the perfect xhoice for keeping covered without ruin our gorgeous look.

If you something simple look you can select a bralette in the same color as your top but If you are a little bit more brave then you can choose an oppostite color such as white lace top with black bralette.

With a High Waisted Skirt

If you want to change your style a little bit, you can try bralette with a high waisted skirt.

Under a Tank

You can try at the gym for make your workout stylish and fun.

Under a T-shirt

You can wear bralette under your t-shirt but material and model of t-shirt is important.

You can wear oversized v-neck with a flirty bralette for everyday look.

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