Hello Angels,

Voluminous hair is everyone’s wish. The good news is you can have as bigger  hair as you want. In today’s post I would like to tips for voluminous hair

  • Over Direction

This the easiest styling tip. You style your hair in the opposite direction you want it to lay.

On the left side of your head, blow dry your at the roots going up to the right side, instead of straight down. This tip will create extra lift at the roots. You can also use a little bit spray near the scalp to set the volume.

  • Doughnuts

Doughnuts help to increase size of bun and ponytail.

  • Backcombing/ Teasing

First back comb your hair then apply hairspray. Lift small sections and comb vertically directly towards your roots.

  • Revive

Use the thin stick edge of teasing comb and pull it forward toward the front of your head.

  • Roots

Blow dry only the roots. Keep the blow dryer at the roots for about 10 seconds then let them cool for a few seconds.

  • Volumizer

You can boost the root with a volume booster product. They provide lift manually near the roots and help your style last several days.

  • Styling

When your hair is almost dry, take a round brush and blod dry each section in an inward motion. Each section should be same wide with brush. Pull the brush and blow dryer down and bring the tips inwards to create curls.

  • Highlights

Highlights is an another option for voluminious hair.

  • Healthy Diet

It isn’t only about hair products. Hair needs a boost from the foods you consume. You should eat foods which include protein, biotin, iron and fats.

What is favorite tip for voluminous hair? Let me know it below

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