Hello Angels,

Words even concepts meanings are changing to people to people. Being stylish, sexy and feminine have different meanings for everyone.

Common belief of being feminine and have a feminine charm is being attractive and desirable by men.

Personally, I don’t agree and I don’t like this approach. We, women are magical, strong and energy of creativity and women shouldn’t desperately want and do things to get men’s attention.  Especially nowadays, women’s self confidence depend on the quality of men’s attention.

Being desirable, attractive and approached by men can make you feel good. Every women should have work on themselves not to attract men but to be best version of themself. You shouldn’t improve or change your personality for men. If you really want to have a boyfriend or start a family,  right person will find you.

I believe that every women should work hard to have a best version of themselves. When I say hard working, I don’t mean to have a career or get a promotion on work place. You can focus on your hobbies or learn new things. Let’s say cooking is your passion and you cook for hours. This is an example of hard working. When we sit lazy, we start to think negative things which is not good and lowers our energy.

Personally, feminine charm means to feeling confident and feel happy inside and out. Someone happy and confident have different aura and it makes that person lovely and charming.

I belive that feminine charm is important to not to attract a men but have a positive and happy life. You can meet many people and bring their life joy, fun , laughter and to touch  their lives in a special way.

Would you prefer to be friend someone complaining and negative all the time or someone who is fun and positive?

You are probably think that being charming is God given talent. I belive that everyone can be charming. All you need to know how to have it. Just take a moment and examine a woman whom you think is charming. It can be famous woman or someone you know. The person also can be a man. What do you think makes them charming?

In today’s post, I would like to share tips to have a feminine charm.

  • Have a sense of humor

Ability to laugh at yourself rather than to be impeccable is one of the way to be happy. When people notice your this ability, they will feel better around you and they will happy with you. Just let go and laugh.

  • Don’t judge. See the good in things

Feeling depressed and judge will not bring any charm. Pessimistic people never look charming.Every situation (positive or negative) teaches you something.  Finding the positive meaning even in the bad situation make you feel better and others. When others are sad, you can become their light.

  • Don’t try to please everyone

Be confident and focus on yourself. The others thoughts about you shouldn’t be your problem. Everyone has different character and approach. The more you worry about people’s thought about you, the more you become their slaves. Life is short so don’t spend your time to obsess over other people’s thoughts about you.

A charming woman never prove anythig to anybody. She is confident and still manage to engage people without change their personality or their perspective.

  • Live in the present

This is one of the key to have a feminine charming. When you don’t focus on future or stuck in the past, yu will automatically feel happy and radiant.

Whenever you talk someone, listen, be attentive and maintain eye contact. People always prefer someone who cares them.

  • Feminine clothes

 Feminine cuts and clothes like dress, skirt, etc. make you feel good and feminnie. Accentuate your favorite part of your body. It can be your legs, waist, etc.

  • Love your femininity

Be comfortable and feel grateful to being a woman. Show your femininity and don’t be afraid. Accentuate all the things that make you feminine.

  • Wear nice underwear

Underwear as important as clothes. Having good underwear embrace your feminine silhouette and accentuate your look.

  • Move in feminine way

Sit, walk and talk soft and feminine way.It will raise your energy, make you feel good and make you look charming.

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