Hello Angels,

When temperature starts to drop, it is easier to find excuses to skip workout. Fall is the season for cuddling to blanket and eat pumpkin cake. Don’t let that happen this year because we witnessed importance of strong immune system with Covid-19. Exercising is one of the ways to keep our immune system.

There are many indoor and outdoor activies that are great for cool weather.

First, discover your favorite exercises. It may take a time but it is worth it. I attended many different classes at gym and I discovered my favorite ones. For example I love pilates but I don’t like yoga. When I was attending yoga classes, I wasn’t feeling motivated and most of time I was finding an excuse to skip it.

When you find your favorite exercise or fitness class, sport will be part of your life.

In today’s post I would like share tips to stay active during Fall-Winter.

  • Be prepared

If you plan to exercise early morning, prepare your clothes the night before. Don’t forget to get a sweatshirt or jacket for chilly morning.

  • Set goal

Setting goal is perfect way to stay motivated. Find a challenge that will push you for work out in freezing weather. Maybe you want abs or thinner waist Create a routine and stick to it.

Whatever the challenge, be sure to reward yourself. For example I adore clothes for gym. You can buy a new pair of leggings or sports bra.

  • Walk

Walking is the best exercise. Enjoy the beauty of fall by taking regular walks.

  • Running

When gyms were suspended due Covid- 29, I tried running but I figured out that it is not my favorite exercise. If you love running, involve your family or friends and run.

  • Get active at home

If the weather is freezing and you are not able to go out, you can create a home gym with equipments. Discover your favorite workout type, find a fitness videos from Youtube and do them.

  • Gym

The fall and winter seasons are perfect opportunity to go to gym. You can try fitness classes such as pilates or you can lift weight.

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