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Glitter is a trend for years. Before glitter was for holiday season and special occasions such as birthday celebration. Recent years, we can wear clothes, accessories, etc in glitter even in daytime.

If you have a pair of glitter shoes in your wardrobe, you don’t have to wait special occasions anymore. You can wear them as much as you want. Shoes are always a perfect way to introduce glitter into your outfit without overdoing it. Are you not sure when and how to wear them? On today’s post I would like to share tips to wear glitter shoes.

  • You can wear glitter shoes even at work (if your workplace doesn’t have a super strict outfit rules). You can opt glittery ballet flats or something with low heel to have stylish smart business look.

  • Glitter shoes are ideal for evening out and weddings too. If you prefer something bold, you can wear them with sequined top and plain skirt. If you prefer something more timeless and simple, you can opt classic black dress.

  • You can wear glitter shoes even in daytime. All you need to pick right style. It can be ballerina flats in glitter which can give casual outfit a stylish touch.

  • When you wear glitter shoes in daytime, keep your outfit simple. You can wear them with pair of jeans and t-shirt or shorts with crop top which will look effortlessly cool.

  • When you wear bright colored glitter shoes, yor outfit should be in complementary color or plain color like black to make sure your outfit work well together with your shoes.

  • When you wear glitter shoes, keep your jewelry minimum. Avoid chunky jewelry. You can opt thin necklace or simple earrings.

  • Makeup is also an important when you complete your look. Opt natural make up to make your glitter shoes to stand out.

  • Glitter shoes make us feel like princess but they may not practical because they may stick to our clothes. To avoid it you use hairspray to set the glitter on shoes.

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