Hello Angels,

Tailored shorts are one of the stylish pieces. Every women should have at least one pair of tailored shorts.

Shorts labeled too casual and inappropriate for cold weather. Tailored shorts are versatile enough to wear with blouse at work and comfortable enough to wear on the weekends with simple top. You can feel stylish and comfortable in tailored shorts.

They come in many sizes and colors. They may have be neutral or bright colors and may have details such as zippers and pockets.

Tailored shorts are indispensable for me. I can easily complete my look with top and ballerina flats for my daily life. If I prefer more stylish look, I can complete my look with heels.

Tailored shorts can be worn even  in winter time with tights and sweaters but I personally prefer to wear them from mid Spring to until beginning of Fall with ballerina flats and sandals.

Tips to wear tailored shorts

  • For more formal look, you can wear them with button down and a blazer.

  • For casual look, you can prefer tailored shorts in bright colors such as yellow and complete your look with t-shirt or crop top.

  • For more feminine looki you can pair them with lingerie like top and complete your look with heels.

  • If you are not feeling comfortable in tailored shorts, you can opt Bermuda shorts and complete your look with t-shirt or tank top.

  • To enchance your waist, you can complete your look with belt.

  • If you prefer to look elegant and stylish at the beach, you can opt high waisted tailored shorts with bikini top.

Do you love tailored shorts? If you wear them, how do you style them? Let me know it below

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