Hello Angels,

We should care our brain’s health like any other part of the body. Especially after Covid-19, stress and depression rates  increased which these two are the worst enemies of brain.

Exercising the brain to focus and improved memory will lead to healthy brain and successful life. Our thoughts determine what we do and how we react to situations after all. How we think has a huge impact on our happiness and level of success. And thankfully, it is possible to train our brain to be healthy and succesful.

Years of unconscious thoughts and bad habits can make brain training very difficult. That’s why first realize your negative thoughts and habits and start to replace them with positive ones.

In today’s post I would like to share the best tips to train your brain.

  • Challenge your brain

Crosswords, puzzle, sudoku, learning a new language and dance can improve brains’s speed and memory.

  • Healthy diet

Brain needs a healthy food such as olive oil, nuts and oily fish.

  • Meditation

Daily meditation has huge impacts on our body and mind health. It doesn’t only relaxes you but it is a nice brain exercise.

  • Physical exercise

Physical exercise is a perfect brain exercise too. Your brain learn new muscle skills ( balance and estimate distance) by moving your body.

  • Read something different

Branch out from familiar reading topics and challenge yourself with different topics. For example if you read classics replace with contemporary novels. With this small change, you will imagine different cultures, people and different time periods and it will make you think of and create new connections.

  • Make simple changes

We love our routines and making simple change sometimes seems very challenging. When we stick to our routinesi our brain work less. To really help your brain stay young and healthy, challenge it. Change routes, use your opposite hand to brush your teeth or open doors. All this force your brain to wake uo from your habits and start to pay attention again.

  • Learn vocabulary

Everyday memorize vocabularies. According to researches, learning new vocabularies increase brain’s memory and processing speed.

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