Hello Angels,

A few days ago I was looking my pictures and I found photos from my travels. I love to travel so much and I try to visit places even for a day.

Today I would like to write about Capri. I was visited a few years ago in summer time. I didn’t have a opportunity to stay there but I spent a few hours there.

Located five kilometres from the coast of Naples. You should take a ferry or private charter, from Naples ( 40 minutes)

Capri has breathtaking sights. In fact,It has been enchanting people since ancient times. Roman empeorers, writers and artists always preferred this beautiful island.

Capri is an elegant, charming island and offers many opportunities to visitors including shopping, sightseeing and natural beauty.

Things to do


It is the highest town on the island. It offers a splendid view. It is Capri’s second habitation.

Anacapri may not have the designer shops of Capri but there place sto shop for local handcrafts. It has lovely and quiet piazzas.

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is Capri’s most famous sight. It is famous for its crystal clears aquamarine water. You should definitely visit this wonderful place.

Via Camerelle

This street became my favorite place in Capri instantly. It has beautiful view and the most important another reason is designer shopping.

This charming street has luxury fashion shops found anywhere in Italy.

Boat Trip Around the Island

I highly recommend you take a boat trip. It allows you to view all beautiful sights of Capri. Di you know that in addition to Blue Grotto, are also a White and Green Grotto? You can visit allof theese on a boat trip.

Monte Solaro

If you are looking for a beautiful view, you can go to the island’s highest point, monte Solaro.

Once you are at the top of Monte Solaro, you can see all over the Bay of Naples and Sorrento.

Food with Lemon

Capri’s lemon is very famous and has many dishes with lemons such as lemon ice cream, lemon cake and limoncello which is a liqueur and made of Capri’s organically grown lemons.

Limoncello is traditionally served after dinner for digestion.

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