Hello Angels,

Turkish bath or hammam has a positive effect on both the mental and physical effect on us. It is one of the best way to reduce stress and relax. I highly recommend you to experience it at least once in your life.

First, you need to decide place of hammam. Because every place has different quality.

My father has spas in Kuşadası, Turkey and when I visit him, I always go to hammam. His spas offers services such as sauna, full body peeling, scrub in hammam, foam bath and massage you want.

One of the best thing about my father’s spas are I can go any of his spas anytime I want. I can mix up the packages and create a special beauty package for me.

One of his spa has vip hammam and room for relax. I prefer to go there.

He has Cleopatra package which includes sauna, hammam, body peeling and scrub, massage and face mask. I tried this package this year but I  removed massage treatment. I adore peelings, masks and hammam ritual but I don’t like massage.

Before enter the Turkish bath, you should enter sauna for loosen up and sweat. At least ten minutes later, you can enter the Turkish bath.

First washing up and massage, then scrubbing with hand knitted wash cloth. The wash cloth is very rigid that’s why it reduces all dirt from your body. It is a perfect treatment for smoother and younger looking skin and reduce cellulite.

Later scrubbing, you receive another soapy wash and rinsing session. The masseur leave the room but you can stay and relax more if you want to.

If you find a good spa which includes hammam, I highly recommend you go once a month. It makes you feel better because beauty rituals always make us feel better.

Have you ever been in hammam? Let me know it below

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