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New Years’s Eve is one of the most popular holidays in Turkey. There are number of traditions surrounding the start of a new year that are unique to Turkey.

Christmas is not celebrated in Turkey but we embrace New Year’s Eve as a holiday to decorate with trees and ligts and celebrate with family and friends.

You can see wonderful decorations on the streets and shops which are similar to Christmas. Trees adorned with lights.

New Year Eve, traditionally starts with a big family dinner. Some families prefer to have a dinner at home and some families go to restaurants or hotel to celebrate this popular day.

We, Turks have own special traditions for the night. In today’s post I would like to share our lovely New Year traditions.

  • Red underwear

Red is the color of good fortune and luck so red underwear is worn to welcome in a new and fortunate year.

  • Running tap

Turning on the tap and letting the water flow in the new year is said to bring abundance and luck to your home.

  • Salt on the doorstep

When the bells chime for midnight, open your front door and sprinkle some salt on the doorstep. This is said to bring abundance to the home or business to which the doorstep belongs.

  • Smashing pomegranates

In Turkish culture, pomegranate is a symbol of abundace and prosperity. It is believed that smashing a pomegranate in front of the home in New Year’s Eve as a means to make way for good fortune and abundace in the coming year.

  • Going for a walk

It is believed that going for a walk in new year, will bring safe travels into your life.

  • Unlocking a padlock

When the clock strikes midnight, open a padlock is a symbolic of opening oneself up to good luck and abundace in the year to come.

  • Giving to charity

Helping out the less fortunate is one of the amazing Turkish New Year tradition. It is believed that giving to charity or doing a good turn will bring luck and happiness in return.

What is the popular New Year tradition in your culture? Let me know it below

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