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Cardigans are fashion staple but most of us think that cardigan is a simple buttoned up sweater with wool.

Many young women hesitate to wear them because they seem too simple. They are a lot of different types of cardigans so you can create a ton of looks. My favorite one is oversize and maxi cuts.

Cardigans remind me 2000s. In my childhood, they were very popular in every cut, color and neck shape.

Especially in Fall and Spring time weather is too hot for jacket and chilly for t-shirt. Cardigan is one of the best options as a outewear.

Cardigans can be worn with dresses, blouse, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, etc.

If the cardigan is oversized, you can pair it with straight cut trousers/jeans.

If your cardigan is cropped or short, you can wear with high waist and wide leg trousers/jeans.

Stylish types of cardigans are;

  • Boyfriend

Boyfriend style cardigans are loose. They slightly nipped in at the waist which defines curves.

  • Belted

Some cardigans come with a belt attached. If it doesn’t have a belt, you can add it to make your curves pop.

Usually belted cardigans are longer styles.

  • Buttoned

The button down cardigans considered classic. They are made in different cuts such as oversize and fitted.

They look cute with sundresses.

  • Cropped

Cropped cardigan ends above the waist. You can wear it with trousers/jeans.

  • Long

Long cardigans reach mid calf and may even be ankle lenght. They look amazing with shorts and dresses.

  • Wrap

Wrap cardigans usually have an attached belt that used to close the cardigan arount the waist. They are suitable for all body types and flattering.

They look amazing with jeans.

Some of the materians used in cardigans are;

  • Cable

  • Double

  • Wool

  • Cashmere

What do you think about cardigans? Let me know it below

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