Hello Angels,

Denim shorts are one of my favorite pieces for Spring and Summer. They can make you cool, sexy and stylish.

Unfortunately fear of wearing denim shorts are very common problem. Some women hesitate to wear because they think denim shorts are youthful and the other ones hesitate because of their body type.

Denim shorts literally goes with everything. They come in different sizes, cuts and colors so denim shorts are convenient for everyone no matter your age or body type is. All you need to find the right pair of shorts for you.

When you buy denim shorts, forget about trends and buy something flatters your body, make you feel comfortable and confident.

In today’s post, I would like to share types of denim shorts.

  • High waisted denim shorts

High waisted denim shorts are perfect for curvy women. They fit your waist and make your legs look thinner.

When you buy high waisted denim shorts, always buy to size down to get the top of the shorts to fit on your waist perfectly.

  • Belted denim shorts

Belted denim shorts are an also amazing option for curvy women. They flatter the waist and look stylish.

  • Tailored bermuda denim shorts

Bermuda denim shorts look amazing on tall women. They look amazing and stylish.

  • Baggy denim shorts

They are not very tight or loose. They are perfect for every body type.

  • Cut off denim shorts

These shorts have  frayed hems. They are perfect for casual cool look. You can complete your look with simple tshirt.

  • Dark colored denim shorts

Dark wash jeans are stylish and make you look thinner. If you prefer accentuate your legs, you can opt cuffled styles in dark color.

  • Short denim shorts

If you have short legs, embrace short denim shorts. Short shorts make your legs longer and thinner.

  • Colorful denim shorts

If you prefer something diffirent than usual, you can opt colorful denim shorts instead of classic blue ones. From pink to yellow, there are many colorful shorts to pick from.

Do you love denim shorts? How do you wear them? Let me know it below

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