Hello Angels,

Ugg boots are popular again.

2020 was a year for casualwear and this trend is continuing in 2021. People prefer more comfy and relaxed look.  It is not surprising to see Ygg boots again bcause they are comfortable and keep you warm during freezing winter.

Ugg boots originated in Australia in 1970s. They were worn for practicality by Austrailian surfers to keep their feet warm after surf.

The brand became popular during Winter Olympics in 1994. Ugg boots are unisex.

In the 2000s, celebraties from Paris Hilton to  Jennifer lopez, all paired their outfits with Uggs. They became status symbol.

I adore these boots and very glad to see them this year. They are comfortable and versatile. You can pair them almost any clothes from jeans to leggings also you can wear them almost any place you want (from post workout to brunch).

There is nothing we want more than to be cozy and warm when you go out in the rain or snow. The classic suede Ugg boots are not designed for snow and rain.I recommend you don’t wear them in the snow or rainy because the result will be wet feet and ruined boots.

Some Ugg boots are waterproof but I didn’t tried the waterproof versions that’s why I don’t know the result.

Personally, I love Ugg boots. They are comfortable, cozy and perfect for daily look. Especially, If you are living in Rome, you need a something comfortable because cobblestone can damage shoes.

Today, Ugg presents many stylish models in different colors.

Do you like Ugg boots? If you have one, how do you pair them? Let me know it below

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