Hello Angels,

Many women have love hate relationship with ugly Christmas sweater. It is an lovely way to add some Christmas spirit into your look.

I believe that ugly Christmas sweater can be make fashionable and fun holiday outfit with some little tips.

In today’s post, I would like to share ways to wear it in stylish way.

  • Wear it with white jeans and heels

Who said you can’t wear white jeans in winter?

White jeans are timeless and they can be worn any season you want.  It is not sitable to wear when the weather is rainy but if you are going to be indoors then you can wear it.

If you prefer to complete your look in feminine way, you can wear pair of high heels.

  • Wear it with mini skirt

For a sexy look, you can pair ugly Christmas sweater with mini skirt and complete it with a pair of ankle boots or boots.

  • Wear it with pencil skirt

Pencil skirt is feminine and sophisticated. You can create fun and sophisticated look with sweater and pencil skirt combination.

  • Pair it with jeans

This is one of the popular Christmas look. You can complete your look with ankle boots or oair of stilettos.

  • Wear it over dress

Sweater over dress looks sexy and stylish. You can opt black slim cut dress and wear ugly Christmas sweater over your dress to create sexy and fun holiday inspired look.

  • Wear it with tailored shorts

Tailored shorts are perfect for casual chic look. You can add some fun and holiday spirit by pairing ugly Christmas sweater with your favorite tailored shorts. You can complete your look with ankle boots or boots.

Do you like ugly Christmas sweater? If you like, how do you wear it? Let me know it below

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