Hello Angels,

Coronavirus has changed our lives. Sanitization, thermal scanners and masks are essential in airports, in shopping centers, etc… Traveling during a pandemic is challenging. PCR test required for travel.

These difficult days make me remember my old traveling habits. How easy was traveling. Especially these days I look my old holiday photos. A few days ago I found my photos in Verona. I visited Verona two times  which was in May 2013 and 14th February 2014 in Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is around the corner and today I would like to share my Valentine’s day experience in Verona where Romeo and Juliet swore each other love.

Rome to Verona takes three hours by train. I visited Verona with my mother for a few hours. We couldn’t stay there because next day I had a class. I am very glad now I spent my free day visiting Verona.

If we had a normal life right now, I would recommend you to visit in the town of Romeo and Juliet in Valentine’s day. Verona known as one of the most romantic cities in the world which becomes more special during in Valentine’s Day.The city of romance offers many romantic ideas such as poetry, entertainment and delicious foods.

One of the most important attractions in Verona is Juliet’s house. The inner courtyard of Juliet’s house is always crowded by couples. Some take a picture on the famous balcony. leave messages on the Lovers wall or visit Capulet’s family house. Juliet’s house offers events like readings and concerts. I think this year, these events will not happen.

I love food so much. As soon as I stepped into Verona, I ate cupcake 🙂 Before I return to Rome, I bought chocolates and delicious cookies. Piazza dei Signori is one of the loveliest place to visit which is laid with market stalls selling mementos to love and local artisan products.

You can drink pair delicious Italian wines with chocolates or Baci di Romeo ( Romeo’s kiss) which is simple biscotti originating from Verona. It is small almond flavored cookies are sandwiched together in pairs with a chocolate filling. Paired with Baci di Giulietta (Juliet’s kiss)

The streets in city center are decorated with hearts. Shop windows are also decorated with love related themes which creates a magical atmosphere.

Have you ever been in Verona? Let me know below

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