Hello Angels,

Just a general announcement that Valentine’s Day is coming.

Covid-19 restrictions are still in our lives. Some countries tough up restrictions but Italy started relaxing them. Some regions including Milan and Rome are in yellow zone which means lower risk.

In yellow zones, restaurants and bars stay open until 18:00. Takeaway service is allowed until 22.00.

I am in Turkey for holiday and here rules are tougher than Italy right now. Restaurants are open only for takeaway service.

It is no secret Valentine’s Day plan will likely be different this year which means restaurant closures and social distance. But that’s not a excuse to do some makeup and wear a cute as hell outfit.

You might have a romantic, intimate dinner with your partner at home or have a movie night with your friends.

If you are not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, it is a still good excuse to be stylish. Everyone prefers to look their best on this romantic day.

I love Valentine’s Day as a theme. It is a day that all about romance and love. Heart shaped chocolates, love theme decorations on stores and roses make me realize importance of love in our lives. I don’t believe that Valentine’s Day only should be celebrated with a partner. Love is an another form of passion, consistent, respect and dedication. Without love, everything loses value.

Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to appreciate love. You don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate life.

In 14th of February, wake up, do some makeup and wear something nice.

In today’s post, I would like to share the most stylish outfits to wear this Valentine’s Day.

Aphrodite One Sided Frill Dress

Shine Like a Star


Shine Like a Star

Oh la la Dress


Oh la la

Wine And Roses Velvet Dress

Wine and Roses Dress

Paris Back Lace Trim Top

Paris Top

Metallic Brown Seduction Twist Front Crop Top

Metallic Brown

Roman Night Dress

Midnight in Colosseo

Sequin Dress

What is your Valentine’s Day plan? What is your favorite outfit from the post? Let me know below

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