Hello Angels,

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I love this day as a theme. It is a perfect day to see importance of love in our lives.

Love doesn’t mean only romantic relationships. You can love anything, anyone in your life. Love means passion and dedication. It is a state of calm and peace.

Whether you are single or in relationship, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to bring love into your house.

A romantic night with delicious food is the formala for Valentine’s day. With some easy tips, you can add a little romance to your dining table.

Flowers, heart shaped accessories and candles are an essential elements. Pink, gold, white, purple,  and red are a Valentine’s day color palette.

When it comes decorating, I don’t recommend you put up a lot of hearts and add full red colors.  You can have a romantic and beautiful table decoration without too much love theme.

You can add some romance in your own taste by using your creativity.

Here are some easy tips for Valentine’s Day table decorating.

  • Floral centerpiece

Nothing completes tables like flowers. Even a simple floral, make table decor look romantic.

  • Candles

Pink and red candles are perfect for Valentine’s day. They add color and romance to table.

  • Sprinkle Crystals

Sprinkle crystals add colors and looks amazing

Float Roses In Vases

This is very elegant and romantic.

Sprinkle Rose Petals

You can sprinkle pink or red rose petals on your table.

  • Write Love Notes

Leave blank note cards on the table so you can write notes of appreciation and love to your partner. If you are with your friends, you can write your favorite love quotes and share.

  • Tie Chiffon Bows

Small details make difference. You can tie up utensils with a chiffon ribbon for a luxurious and romantic look.

  • Heart Shaped Napkin Rings

Wrap linens in heart shaped napkin ring.

Pink (Or Purple), Gold and White Color Palette

These colors are part of Valentine’s day color palette. You can set your dining table in these colors.

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