Hello Angels,

Once a year, Venice transforms into a costume party for everyone to attend. The popular festival takes place just before the Easter. It features public and private events, competitions and shows.

Most of activities take place around St Mark’s Square. You should book your accommodation as early as possible because finding a place to stay is difficult to find during carnival.

When you are in Venice, you will see a lot of people in costumes. Most of people prefer traditionally Venetion gowns and capes.

You don’t have to pick traditional  handmade Venetican costume, you can pick any theme you want. When I was in Venice during carnival, I saw many different costumes such as Marie Antoinette.

The carnival is just for fun, so wear whatever you want.

When you are in costume, a lot of people wants to take photos of you. I wasn’t in costume but I asked many people in costume for a photo because I adored their costume.

The more your costume is stylish, the more likely it is you will be stopped and pose for photo.

If you decided to wear costume in carnival, you can design your own costume (which is a better option because you can use your creativity). If you can’t carry with you (due to baggage limitation), you can buy handmade costume one of the ateliers in Venice or rent it.

You are not sure what to wear?

I would like to share  costume ideas for festival

  • Venetian Lady

  • Baroque Venetian Lady

  • Renaissance Lady

  • Catherine de Medici

  • Marie Antoinette

  • Medieval Lady

  • Juliet Costume (From Romeo and Juliet)

  • Medieval Queen

  • Medieval Countess

  • Medieval Princess

Have you ever been in Venice Carnival and wore costume? Let me know it below

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