Hello Angels,

Venice Carnival is perfect time of the year to try new makeup styles. If you want to change your makeup style but not feeling secure in your daily life, you can try during carnival because Venice Carnival is all about creativity and have fun.

People travel from all around the world to join in the city’s most popular event. During Carnival, streets of Venice full of costumed people.

In today’s post I would like to share makeup tips for Venice Carnival

If you are gonig to wear ‘700 costumes, it is perfect to try makeup of ‘700 century.

During 18th century, both men and women were using flashy wigs, perfumes and talcum powder. Back then makeup was both natural and plain.

Talcum powder was the main feature. They were using on their decolte, harms, neck even on their hands. This powder was making women’s skin like a porcelain.

Women were also using blush and lipstick( red one was the most popular one) to let stand out the white skin.

During carnival, there are a lot of makeup artists on streets of Venice. You can choose to makeup your face with the apperance of a mask with makeup products directly on the skin, bright sticker applications (for fun and feminine look) or colorful eye or lip makeup.

If you prefer something feminine and sexy, you can opt cat eye makeup with red lipstick.

Smokey eye make up is also a lovely option. You can choose other color tones instead of classic brown or black. You can choose colors such as blue , it is only for fun after all.

What is your favorite makeup idea for Venice Carnival? Let me know it below

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