Hello Angels,

When you are in Venice during carnival, you are going to see a lot of people in costumes. It is a perfect opportunity to dress up in colorful and interesting outfits that are not necesarily related to the carnival.

I love costumes but when I was in Venice I didn’t wear any costume. I was busy because of the university and I decided to go to carnival last minute with my mother.Designing and sewing costume requires to much time and I didn’t have a time for that.

You don’t have to design and sew your costume. You can rent or order it in Venice. If you don’t want to wear any costume in Venice, you can simply wear regular clothes with the addition of bold makeup, accessories or a masquerade mask. The Carnival supposed to be a fun and relaxed experience after all, so wear and makeup whatever you feel most comfortable in.

In today’s post I would like to share some tips for suitable looks for Venice Carnival without wearing a costume.

  • You can do your own makeup or go to makeup artist for a bold look. During carnival, there are a lot of makeup artists. You can opt such as mask appearance makeup with makeup products or colorful eye makeup.

  •  You can opt accessories such as  18th century headbands or masks.

  • You can opt mini or maxi lace dress for a feminine and stylish look.

  • Capes were very popular during 18th century. You can wear cape on your mini or maxi dress. For a feminine look you can wear lace cape.

  • In history, women were wearing gowns and hoop skirts. You can wear modern gown or hoop skirt.

Would you rather attend the Venice Carnival with or without costume? Let me know it below

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