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Venice Carnival is one of the most popular events in the world which attracts a lot tourists. From Venetian masks to period costumes, no place does it like Venice.

I visited  Venice during this lovely carnival time a few years ago and it was amazing. It was my first year at university and those months I was very stresful due to projects. I wasn’t sure to go to carnival but later I decided to go with my mother. I am very grateful to visit Venice during carnival.

I recommend you visit Venice during Carnival. I can assure that you are going to live an incredible experience.

Have you ever wondered history of Venice Carnival?

I wondered and I made some research about it. In today’s post I would like to share everything about this popular event.

History of Carnival

According to some resources, Venice Carnival began in 1162. Venetians celebrated a victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia and this celebration turned into festival officially in Renaissance period.

The Carnival became an official oublic holiday in 1296 by Senate of Venice.

In the seventeenth century, the carnival was a way to make Venice prestigious in the world. It was a very popular event until eighteeth century.

Masks and costumes were always  a part of Venetian carnival. However, this caused the thefts and other bad things.

These serious excess forced the Venetian Republic to limit use of masks and costumes in Venice.

In 1797, Venice was under the rule of the Holy Roman Emperor and later Emperor of Austria, Francis II and the festival forbidden entirely in 1797. The use of masks strictly forbidden.

Venice Carnival reappeared gradually in the nineteenth century but only for short periods.

After a long absence, the Carnival officially returned with masks and costumes in 1979 by the Italian government’s decision.

Have you ever attended to Venice Carnival? Let me know it below

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