Hello Angels,

Valentine’s day around the corner and these days I remember my Verona trip.

Romeo and Juliet made Verona one of the world’s unremarkable romantic destinations. The romantic town is full of renaissance palaces, wines, delicious foods, piazzas and gardens. Verona is like paradise for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet book lover because ou will also find all things about Romeo and Juliet.

You are excited to visit to Verona and want to know best places to see, do and eat while there. Before travel watch the Letters to Juliet movie for the locations to see.

Before my trips, I love to prepare bucket lists.  Most people think bucket lists as a things to accomplish before you die but this is not true.

A travel bucket list motivates and encourages to make a move. Most of us never find a time for a little bit take a break for travel.

 No doubt you always dreamed to visit a few cities and countries. Coronovirus made me realize how important to use our time for our dreams. Thank God, I took a little break for to use my free time for my dream travel destinations such as Lisbon, Geneva, Verona etc. You are one step closer to your dream destination with bucket list.

Verona is an amazing city. In yesterday’s post I talked about my Verona trip in Valentine’s day and today I would like to share bucket list for Verona. My list includes places to eat, drink and visit in Verona. You can browse my list and create your personal list.

Things to do and eat in Verona

  • Visit Juliet’s famous balcony where Shakespeare’s play took place and leave a letter at Juliet’s House

  • Visit Basilica di San Zeno ( place of Romeo and Juliet’s marriage)

  • Eat Romeo’s Kisses (Baci di Romeo), almond cookies.

  • Visit the Lamberti Tower for the rooftop views of Verona.

  • Visit Ponte Scaligero which is medieval bridge.

  • Visit Verona Arena

  • Wander yhrough Giardoni Giusti.

  • Drink coffee at Piazza delle Erba

  • Eat Risotto

  • Attend a wine tasting tour

Have you ever been in Verona? What is your bucket list for Verona? Let me know below

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