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Tivoli is one of the most popular day trips from Rome. It is 30 km away from Rome. It has two Unesco World Heritage sites which are Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este.

The lovely town became a popular residential area when wealthy ancient Romans like Augustus began building villas in the countryside.

During the Renaissance, Popes and cardinals builded villas.

Pope Pius II built Rocca pia in 1461.

Pirro Ligorio started to construction of Villa d’Este in 1550 for Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este.

The popular villa decorated with frescoes by popular painters like Federico Zuccari and Livio Agresti.

Pope Gregory XVI added the Villa Gregoriana in 1835.

Today, Tivoli known as its its cultural heritage and magnificent garden villas.

Three days ago, I had day trip to Tivoli with my friends. I always wanted to visit Villa d’Este and I finally visited it. We spend two hours in this popular villa and it was awesome. Fall time is amazing in Rome . The weather is warm enough for shorts and dresses. The temperature is not high like august for this reason you are not sweating.

I preferred to wear dress and snekaers. I also brought denim jacket in case the weather might be chilly.

Villa d’Este is one of the best examples of Italian Renaissance architecture and garden.  It is located in the Sabine Mountains. In ancient times, wealthy families built their villas in this area nearby waterfalls. Due to its location, the villa offers enchanting views of gardens and landscapes.

The villa has several different rooms Each room covered with beautiful artworks. Within gardens, there are several beautiful fountains. Each fountain adorned with sculptures. There is a series of lanscaped gardes full of trees and plants.

I highly recommend you to visit this magical villa. It is the combination of art, nature and history.

Have you ever been in Tivoli and Villa d’Este? Let me know it below

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