Hello Angels,

The vintage looks that still work today.

I will admit that lately, I spent so much time on Instagram. I love to scroll through Instagram for trends and discover new brands.

We all know that when it comes to fashion trends, what goes around comes around. If you prefer to make some changes in your summer style but don’t prefer current trends, you can look back to the ladies such as Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn for borrow their summer styles and update them to create a look that is uniquely you.

I would like to share my favorite vintage meets current fashion trends for 2020.

Slip Dresses

The slip dresses were very trendy in ‘90s and today they became wardrobe staple.

The most important thing about silk dresses are quality. Some of them has really bad fabric and it makes you look cheap.

The Pencil Skirt

I love to wear pencil skirt with crop top or body. It was popular in ‘50s and used to be called the ‘hobble skirt’ because it was very difficult to walk in.

‘50s pencil skirts were generally extended below the knees that’s why they were creating difficulty.  A pencil skirt that ends at the knee is better for a walk in.

Today’s pencil skirts have a soft material that give a comfort and elegance.

‘50s pencil skirts sit at the natural waist and it give a flattering hourglass look.

Matchy Dress and Headband

I love this vintage dress so much and you can borrow this for summer 2020. Dress in a solid color along with a headband of the same color is very elegant.

This trend emerged in the ‘50s in British suburs and became popular in America in the ‘60s. This style called Mod / short for modernist).

The model Twiggy is an example for a mod look. Her style characterized by minimalist style shift dresses with sleek lines, bold colors and flashy accessories such as geometric earrings and headbands.

Graphic T- Shirts

Simple t-shirts with desings on the front became popular in ‘70s. Today, you can wear it with denim shorts or jeans.

One Piece Swimsuits

One piece swimsuits were very trendy in 1950’s. Teeny bikinis made a big splash in the ‘60s. I love bikinis but I also find one piece swimsuits elegant and trendy. They flatter all kinds of body types.

Oversize Sunglasses

Oversize sunglasses were very popular in ‘70s and they are also popular now. It is one of my favorite vintage trend. Now it is called ‘granny glasses’.


I adore corsets. My university thesis was about corsets. They are cool and alluring. In past they worn under the dress but now you can wear over t-shirt or worn alone.

Printed Silk Scarves

Instagram is already flooded with printed silk scarves  around the necki hair and torsos. You can check the women from the ‘70s (which the silk scarf was popular) and wear like a headband or loose hair wrap.

Do you love vintage fashion? If you love what is your favorite vintage trend?

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