Hello Angels,

Increasing importance of positive thinking and dreams, made vision boards more popular than ever. After all, vision boards are one of the tools that make us realize our dreams and goals.

New year is always associated with new beginnings and resolutions.  You can make new decisions and new beginnings at any time of the year but January is the great excuse to add something new and fun into your life.

If you have friends or family members who believe positive thinking and vision board, you can host a vision board party. It is an amazing activity to start off the new year and amazing opportunity to gather with the people you love.

In order to host a lovely vision board party, you need some items:

  • Poster boards

  • Magazines

  • Markers, glitter, pens, scissors and glues

  • Lovely music playlist

  • Delicious food

How to host a vision board party?

  • Keep guest list limited

When you host a vision board party, keep the number of attendees limited for a comfortable atmosphere. Be sure that you are close enough to share your dreams.

  • Plan foods and drinks

Delicious foods and drinks are an essential for a lovely party. You can prepare some snacks or buy the place you love.

  • Gather supplies

Every guest bring some magazines to share. You can also print some pictures on internet. Because you may not find all of our dreams are printed in the magazine.

When it comes to prepare vision board, there are no rules. All the pictures and quotes represent only your dreams not someone else’s.

Before prepare vision board, you should be sure what you really want in your life.  Find images and quotes that should focus on how you feel when you reach your dream.

Have you ever made a vision board and host vision board party? Let me know it below

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