Hello Angels,

Roman Holiday is a delightful, fairytale romance movie which is kickstarted a new era of American movies being shot in Rome. The trades called ‘Hollywood on the Tiber’.

The main storyline centers around a day of in the beautiful Italian capital city Rome. Duty-bound Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) escapes the insulated confines of her royal prison and meets ‘Prince Charming’ – an American journalist Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck)

Princess Ann takes the tour with Joe Bradley and live the happiest day of her life in Rome!

I chose 5 ‘Roman Holiday spot must see’ place for women who wants to feel like Princess Ann.

1) Roman Forum (Joe Encounters Ann)

The Roman Forum where Joe and Princess Ann meet. Princess Ann escapes from the palace. As Ann feels the effects of sleeping pill, she rests on a brick bench near the Temple of Saturn.

2) Piazza di Spagna (Joe Meets Ann Again)

Spanish Steps where the holiday begins.

Princess Ann sits on the steps and eating gelato and she encounters Joe again. She takes Joe’s proposal to spend the day together.

3) Via Margutta 51 (Joe Bradley’s Apartment)

Joe Bradley’s apartment on Via Margutta 51.

4) La Bocca Della Verita ( The Mouth Of Truth)

The mouth of truth where Joe Bradley puts his hand into the sculpture’s mouth. According to legend, it would nip off the hand of a liar who’d put in its mouth.

5) Castel Sant’Angelo (Night of Dancing on the River)

Princess Ann is invited to night of dancing on the Tiber River. Night of Dancing on the river is one of the fun scene, especially mess created by secret agents who chase Princess Ann and her move, hitting an agent with a guitar.

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