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‘ You are more productive by doing fifteen minutes of visualization than from sixteen hours of hard labor’ .Abraham Hicks

‘To birnk anything into your life, imagine that it is already there’. Richard Bach

‘ You can’t do anything that you can’t picture yourself doing. Once you make the picturing process concious and deliberate, you begin to create he self you want to be’ Anonymous

I can continue to share more than hundred quotes about visualization. When you make research about achieving goals (big or small don’t matter), you will always read about practicing visualization techniques.  It seems a very easy technique and most people don’t believe importance of visualization.

There has been research done showing that our brain cannot differentiate well between mental actoion and real action. For example, when you think playing basketball even while your body is at rest – will fire the neutral pathways in  your brain as you were actually playing it.

Mental training can improve our all skills and towards our goals. When I read succesful people’s way to achieve their goal, almost all of them used visualisation.

For example, athletes encouraged to use visualization improve their technique and motivation.

You don’t know how to apply visualisation?

Visualisation is ability to see and feel things before they actually happen. The better you visualize the future you desire, the better your chances to make it happen.

Good news, you are doing plenty of visualizations everyday without being aware of how powerful visualizing can be in your life. The problem is that probably you are doing visualizations to create the life you don’t want because most of us using it to imagine the worst outcomes about the future.

Visualisation is a skill  and all you need to develop it.

Here are some tips to develop visualisation skill.

  • Be aware what you want and create a clear vision of what it should look like

In order to visualize and obtain your wish, you should have a clear idea of what you want. Later, write your wish in detail or create a vision board. This will help you to see a full picture of your desire.

  • Use all of your senses

When you practice visualization, engage all of your senses. Envision what you can feel, hear, taste, smell and see.

  • Visualize daily

Visualize twice a day. You can visualize even for 5 minutes. If you are getting disracted you can listen a guided visualization meditation for a focus.

Remember getting distracted is very normal and happens to everyone. When this happens, don’t judge yourself and bring your awareness back to your visualization practice.

Visualize with a sense of knowing

Step 1: Visualize

Step 2: Make sure you tune into the emotions that you feel as you visualize these moments from your future life. The more you see and feel these moments from your future, the more subconscious will believe that they will happen.

Step 3: When you visualize don’t think about wanting something, see yourself as already have it.

  • Index Card

You can list of goals you are currently working on. Keep those card near to your bed. Each morning and night, read the card one at a time, close your eyes and see the completion of that goal about 15 seconds.

Do you believe power of visualization? Let me know it below

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