Hello Angels,

Longer and fuller eyelashes are one of the most desired thing by women. If you don’t prefer to apply false lashes or eyelash extension, there are many ways to have great eyelashes. All you need to know makeup trick. In today’s post, I would like to share these tricks.

  • Curl Your Lashes

Don’t forget to curl your laskes before apply a mascara. This trick instantly make your lashes fuller.

  • Mascara Primer

If you don’t want to curl your lashes, you can opt mascara primer. All you need to apply it before mascara. It makes lashes longer and fuller.

  • Baby Powder Trick

First, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. Then take a babdy powder and take some of the with a cotton swab. Apply it to the top and bootm of your lashes.

  • Tight lining

It is one of the makeup trick to have longer and fuller lashes. Put eyeliner in between your lashes on the upper waterline.

  • Use essential oils one night before

Apply some oil on your eyelashes. It can be sweet almond oil or coconut oil. When you put mascara next day, your eyelashes will look longer and fuller.

  • Volumizing Mascara

Mascara comes in number of varieties. All of them has different type of brush and fibers. Volumizing ones often bulk up your lashes.

  • Zig zag your eyelash brush

Apply your mascara with a zig zag motion and make sure every lash is coated.

  • Multiple Coats of Mascara

You need to apply mascara more than one coat. You should apply the mascara when the first coat is still wet. If you don’t, your lashes will look spidery instead of look long and full.

  • Use two different colors of mascara

This is a popular trick to have long and full lashes. You can pick brown and black mascaras. All you need do appy brown mascara first then mink it with the black. It will make your lashes thicker.

  • Appy mascara on the top

Apply your mascara brush on top of your lashes. You should apply from every angle to make sure they are full and longer as possible.

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