Rome is a city for history and walk lovers. There is always something to discover and there are traffic restrictions and parking problem in the city center. If you are living in city center, the main form of transportation is on foot.

Rome is like a treasure. If you walk everyday, you discover new thing, beauty.

With summer right around the corner, walking in Rome is a perfect opportunity. As I mentioned my previous post, I love to walk early in the mornings ( when streets are empty).

This beautiful city is my biggest motivation for walk. There is always beautiful panoramic views, historical treasures and art.

I go to gym five days a week  but also I try to walk at least 60 minutes everyday to enjoy this beautiful city.

Walking has many benefits such as tune up the cardiovascular system, clear a cluttere mind, strenghten bones and you can lose weight.

Walking reduce a negative mood and depresion. You can start your day with a 30 minutes walk.

If you are still lazy and need some extra motivation for exercise, there is nothing like a chic workout clothes to inspire you to up your walking routine. You can take note from Instagram and Pinterest and try sporty looks that will have you sweating in style.

What to wear in Rome for walking?

Sports Bra

Sports bra and high waisted leggings are perfect match for walking.

I adore Oysho’s sports bra.


Quality of leggings ‘ fabric is important because some of them are sheer so see through. Leggings aren’t see through are priceless. When you shop forleggings in a store, check out your behing in the light. And when shopping online, read fabric and size information.

Denim Jacket

If you are going to meet with your friends or boyfriend after walking tour, take an oversized denim jacket over your workout clothes. You can add a pair of sunglasses to look stylish.


Sweatshirt is a fashion statement and everyone should buy at least two sweatshirt. Crop sweatshirt latered over sports bra is also a stylish look for walking routine.


Sunglasses instantly elevates the look. A pair of cat eye sunglasses are must have.


A high quality of sneakers are importan. When you are walking, your feets should be comfortable. I love Adidas and Nike’s sneakers.


If you are not feeling comfortable with sports bra, you can keep it classic with tshirt. Put a classic t-shirt and leggings for stylish look.

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