Hello Angels,

Rome is an amazing city for walk. You can explore beautiful things while you walk Unexpectedly a street/building is hidden ready to tell us story about life in the Eternal city.

Walking around in Rome in the early morning in sunrise  and in the evening in the light of street lamps is an unique and unforgateble experience.

I live in in this wonderful city for nine years and every time I go out, it impress’ me. Rome is enchanting every month and every season.

One of my favorite places to walk is Lungotevere (especially early in the morning). It is a nice way to relax and start a day. You can see many people who walk, run or meditate. You can even see people fishing.

Lungotevere is filled with history, bridges, beauty and magnificence along it is path so it is an also amazing place for take a photo or draw.

You can reach many wonderful places during a walk on Lungotevere such as;

  • Palace of Justice

  • Villa Farnese

  • Ponte Sisto

  • Castel Sant’Angelo

If you live in Rome or going to visit for holiday, I highly recommend you to walk in Lungotevere and enjoy the beautiful architecture and beauty.

Many people ask me how I maintain my weight in Rome. Almost every corner in Rome has amazing restaurants/bakeries and you can always smell of coffee, pizza and cornetto. It is impossible to resist these delicipus foods. The key is being active.

I work from home that’s why I should gain weight easily but I don’t ggain because except I go to gym, I walk. Walking in Rome takes my tiredness away and inspires me.

Rome is a very crowded city. If you prefer a place for walk but less crowd, Lungotevere is one of the best place for it.

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