Hello Angels,

If you are too lazy to organize your closet, what better time to do a wardrobe detox than at the beginning of a new year? If you want to change your fashion style, first check out your wardrobe to see what you have got. It takes time and decisions but it is definitely worth doing properly.

Wardrobe detox is very important because you can easily see what type of clothes you have and easily find and wear them. I can assure that after warbrobe detox, you will feel lighter.

Donating the less fortunate is one the Turkish New Year tradition. It is believed that giving to charity or doing a good turn will bring luck and happiness in return.

Are you not sure where to begin?

First you need to give yourself a few hours and commit. Open your favorite playlist and start.

Step 1: Empty your closet. Put all your clothes on your bed.

Step 2: Look at the quality and style of each ited. Faded? Don’t like anymore? Decide quickly whether you love it or if it needs to go.

Step 3: If the cloth is in good condition but don’t prefer to wear it anymore, donate it but if it is not in good condition, throw it away.

If your clothes don’t fit your body, make you remember your bad memory, don’t fit your lifestyle or someone gave you that you never wear, donate them.

Step 4: Divide your wardrobe in sections.

Many people prefer to divide wardrobe in color and style order but if you prefer sections such as casual section and sportswear section, you will more easily dress for the occasion.

Step 5: When you finished wardrobe detox, take the leftover items to the charity directly and avoid looking back through bags just in case. Remember,  once those items have gone, you will not miss them.

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