Hello Angels,

There are some fields that require creativity such as fashion design. Before I study fashion design, I was thinking that creativity is a personal trait only certain people naturally possess.

I designed really amazing things during my study. After my graduation, I couldn’t design what I really want. I thought that my creativity disappeared. It made me stresful more. I pushed myself so much but It became worst for me.

I think the reason of my lack creativity was stress. My thesis time was very compelling for me. There was so much criticism and pressure on me during thesis time.

I prepared handmade collection for my online store and I have a lot of handmade collection projects. for future. I have many ideas,themes but honestly, I can’t put them together.

I decided to make a research about how to be more creative. Kids are amazing reminder how much creativity lies within each of us. Kids don’t afraid from criticism. They don’t compare them self with other children.

It makes me think about how amazing it would be if this creativity were brought into our adult lives because we were born as creative people.

According to my researches, everyone can be creative it just takes practice.  Creativity is not a trait but skill. And it is a skill that anyone can get better at over time with the practice.

In today’s post, I would like share the ways to be more creative.

  • Make room for practicing on your calendar

Put practicing creativity on your schedule just like other daily commitments and stick to it. That might be simple as coloring, writing or focus on a new design – as long as it is creative.

Making creativity a priority on your calnder wil help you covus your attention on your creative projects which is the one of the most important stem towards becoming a more creative.

  • Exercise

According to researches, physical activity helps to force you out of left brain dominant thinking and adopt a more creative mindsent. Some creative people when they stuck on their project, they take a walk to stimulate imagination and new ideas.

  • Detox from all devices

Detox from all devices will bring boredom and bored mood will push you towards depper thinking and creativity.

Instead of filling every minute with scrolling through your phone or productivity, give your mind some space.

  • Live in present

According to some researches, creative people like painters live in present moment. They don’t stuck on past or think about future. They just live in present that’s why they are filled with creative ideas.

  • Watch something inspiration

Ted talks are one of my favorite things to listen. They fascinatinly shift your perspective and inspire you.

  • Do what you enjoy

According to studies, immerse yourself in doing what you enjoy. It can be watch your favorite series or read a book.

  • Spend some time in nature

Nature makes us more creating. Looking at trees and flowers reduce anxiety and allows our brains to make connections. Walking in a park for just 40 minutes can help us swich into autopilot mode. You will be in present and it will fuel your imagination.

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