Hello Angels,

Love is one of the most powerful force in the world. It is a feeling of strong affection with no limits or conditions.

Love is not only about romantic relationships. It has different definitons for different people in different situation. For example;

For a person: I love my parents

For nature: I love flowers

When you are in love energy, you attract positivity in your life. When you fall in love with your life, it happens to the best of us. You wake up more happy and start the day with excitement.

Of course still everything will not be 100% perfect. We are human and we are in the world for learn and improve ourselves.

When you fall in love with life, even when it is imperfect, you will still have courage to follow your dreams no matter what and you will enjoy the journey while achieving your goals instead of be in the state of cynical and pessimistic.

Loving life is more fun than be pessimistic. Here are tips that will help you fall in love with your life.Feel the joy and be grateful.

There are so much joy in the world and we miss it because we are too busy to dedicate ourselves to social media (Don’t get me wrong about social media, personally I love it so much. Because I use it to learn new things. From fitness to fashion, there are amazing things to discover. The key is using it beneficially) and negative news.

There are small joys to be discovered and to be enjoyed. Find them and you will fall naturally in love with life. For example, drinking a coffee can be your small joy or listening to music. Feel the joy and be grateful

  • Be in love with yourself

I know this sounds cliche but it is an essential. When you don’ tlove yourself, wherever you go whatever you do, you will always feel unhappy and insecure. Do your best and let it go. Love yourself, respect yourself and take care your body, mind and heart.

  • Visit new places

World is a magical place and there are many amazing places to visit. Even when you don’t have a time to discover new country or city, discover new places in your city.

In 2020, Italy was totally lockdowned for two months. We were only able to go to the nearest market for grocery shopping. We were not able to go to even different neighbourhood in Rome. When lockdowned eased ( restaurants, cinemas, gyms were still suspended and it was forbidded to go to another city unless it was urgent), I started to walking around the city. I often walked and still walk around the city but that time of the year I walked more and discovered really amazing places. Wear something comfortable and stylish and go out.

  • Meet with new people

The world is full of incredible people. Take an extra minute to meet with new people. Every person teaches something new.

  • Create something with your hands

You can design new clothes, furniture or bake new things. When you do something creative or bake with your hands, you will feel better.

  • Call someone you love

Our loved ones are our treasure. Call or see them to see how lucky you are.

  • Create your happy space

Find a physical space in your home and decorate that will boost your energy. You can put oil diffisuer, pillows, blanket, candles and pictures of the people you love.

  • Focus on one goal each day

Most people focus on more than one goal for each day other than daily tasks. Make a list of urgent ones and focus one thing on today. When you make a goal remember to keep it specific and measurable. Small goals lead to get to larger goals.

  • Read

Reading is a perfect way to see things other people’s perspective.

  • Keep your house clean and declutter

Remove unused things and if they are in good condition, donate them. Clean and tidy home is important to focus and relax. Make it a goal to remove any non permanent items and clean every couple days.

  • Spend time in nature

Nature is one of the best guide for patience and appreaciate. For example, a flower doesn’t blossom in one day or it doesn’t compete with the other flowers. It waits its time and when it is ready blossom.

Walk in nature appreciate the colors and diversity.

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