Hello Angels,

In today’s society, it is a standart for a lot of families and couples to have some caotic, negative energy and even when it is not explicity negative, there is a lot of low vibes going on.

There are always going to be negative energies in the world but we can maintain or at least try to have a high vibe.

According to studies, attitude is everything for a high vibe.  High vibe has more benefits than harm.

In today’s post, I would to share ways to keep your vibe high.

  • Recognize negative energies without taking them on

They key to keep your high vibe is to be aware of the negative energies without taking them on.

Energies are very powerful. For example, when you walk on the street and if there is sad someone, you are going to feel it.

  • It is ok to have off days

Things happen! Sometimes anything things can happen and some days everything seems frustrating. In these kind of days, if you push yourself to work and be productive, you will be feeling more sad and tired.

You can’t be positive and happy all the time. Allow yourself to explore your feelings. Sometimes give yourself permission to be lazy. When you feel ready move on.

Sometimes keeping high vibration requires giving yourself time to recognize your feelings.

  • Focus on your desires

When you focus on your dreams, you are in a mindset of attraction and mindset. Everyone wants good things in their life and when you enter vibe of your desires, you will automatically raise your vibe.

Visualization is one the tools to focus on a dream.

  • Act as if

This is one of the fun things to do. All you need to act like all your dreams have come true (physically and mentally).

  • Clear negative energy

Simply cut negativity in your life. What doesn’t aligh with your desires or vibes needs to go. If someone drains your energy but you can’t cut that person out of your life (because you share same circle) so set boundaries.

  • Hydrate

The first signs of dehydration are tiredness and headche. We often emotionally bad when our body starves of water. You should drink at least two liters of water to keep your vibe high.

  • Listen Uplifting Music

Music is one of the best medicine. Calm and soothing music helps to raise the energy and have a high vibe.

  • Get a sleep

Sleep is very important. The body’s hormone change when we don’t get adequate sleep. It is not possible to feel good when we slept very little.

  •  Affirmations

Affirmations have a huge impact on our mood. We can change our state and create new habits by using affirmations.

  • Burn candles and sage

Burning sage is the perfect way to clear negative energy which improve your vibration.

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